Republican Women Honor Women in Politics

Paulding County, GA – The Paulding County Republican Women hosted a luncheon to honor State Representative Paulette Rakestraw (R-HD19) and the wives of other Paulding Legislators for their efforts in the political arena.  The luncheon was held at The Olive Tree Restaurant in downtown Hiram and was an opportunity for the Republican women in Paulding to come together and share their concerns with Representative Rakestraw and with the wives of the state and federal elected officials.

The guest speaker for the event fell suddenly ill and was replaced at the last minute by Ms. Virginia Galloway, the outgoing State Director for Americans For Prosperity and the incoming State Director for the Faith and Freedom Coalition, a political organization founded by Ralph Reed.  Ms. Galloway was ready to step in and speak at the list minute, briefly discussing her upcoming career change and encouraging all attendees to read the book, The Devil Inside the Beltway, by Michael Daugherty.


Libby Kingston, wife of U.S. Representative Jack Kingston (R-1st Congressional District), Susan Heath, wife of Senator Bill Heath (R-SD31), Nancy Hollingshed, outgoing President of the Paulding Republican Women, Marsha Evans, Asst. Treasurer of the Paulding Republican Women, and Representative Paulette Rakestraw (R-HD19).

Susan Heath, the wife of Senator Bill Heath (R-SD31), attended and was honored for supporting her husband.  Susan is actively involved in the political arena with Senator Heath, working tirelessly with him on campaigns and during legislative session.  Susan frequently can be seen at the Capitol during the legislative session, helping the senator with administrative duties and supporting him at legislative functions.  Libby Kingston, the wife of U.S. Congressman Jack Kingston (R-1st Congressional District) was also in attendance with her mother-in-law, Anne Kingston.

Both Heather Gravley, wife of Representative Micah Gravley (R-HD67), and Missy Dugan, wife of Senator Mike Dugan (R-SD30), were invited to the event to be honored for their support of their husbands, but were unable to attend.

Rep. Rakestraw, Paulding County’s first female legislator, represents the citizens of District 19 in Paulding County.  She was elected to the House of Representatives as the Vice Chair for the Science and Technology committee and serves on the Special Committee for Small Business and Job Creation, Special Rules, Juvenile Justice, and Economic Development Committees.